JOONGANG PLATEC is leading technology to increase value

Company Introduction
CEO Message
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Now we want to be proud of being the best. But it's just the beginning.

Joongang Platec Co., Ltd. specializes in injection molding.
We are autonomously proceeding through the processes of producing plastic products,
not only in the field of "design", "mechanism design", "mold making", "injection molding
(products manufacturing)", but also "assembly" in order to conduct holistic product development.

Over the past 50 years, Joongang Platec Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing various products
for multiple fields by doing constant research and development (R&D) and investment in facilities and equipment in order to be the best company in the plastics industry. In addition,
we are moving forward with plastic products that are using trendy eco-friendly materials,
where our top priority is trying to be considerate of the health and safety of the end customers.

With up-to-date facilities that had been introduced for a reasonable production cost,
mass production system and thorough quality control, furthermore, we will always
try to secure the competitive advantage of customers who use our products.

Thank you.